Thursday, 24 January 2013

Payback isn't always a bitch. Sometimes it's a trumpet

I've never met my downstairs neighbours but I am well aquainted with their kid's feet. Specifically, their kid's feet that pound up and down the length of their apartment for hours on end and it sounds like a herd of rampaging elephants with bricks strapped to their feet. It's not really loud as it is horribly thumpy and annoying as fuck. Last night, after about 2 hours of thumpthumpTHUMPthump (seriously, are you letting that kid mainline Red Bull? Because who runs non-stop for that long without chemical enhancement or a hyperactivity disorder??) I was seriously ready to take a roll of duct tape downstairs and do this:

See the smile on her face? She's enjoying her duct tape cocoon

However, despite the fact that the kid might actually like being duct taped to a wall, the parents may not agree. So I jumped up and down on the floor as loud as I could to signal my displeasure.

Tonight is payback time. Because my son has one of these:
It's a trumpet. A very loud trumpet.
Normally he practices at his dad's house because even with a mute, it's still pretty fucking loud and I try to be a considerate neighbour. Not tonight though:
If they don't fear it yet? They will in about 10 minutes
Enjoy the free concert, asshats


  1. I have the same problem with my upstairs elderly neighbors. They are unable to control their daughters children. Everytime they come to visit, is like horses running up and down the hall and all over their apartment. I've been living in this great apartment for the past 11 years so I am not going to move anytime soon. So I went to the pharmacy and purchased ear plugs. Voila! It solved the noisy inconsiderate visitors problem.

    NINJA ZX-14 MotoVlog

    1. Earplugs would probably not help in this case...the thumping is so bad it vibrates my whole apartment lol