Thursday, 10 January 2013

And I still can’t find the “any” key

Being a hairstylist often means you’re a low-tech person in a high-tech world. We don’t need a bunch of fancy electronic gadgets to do our job and in my salon, we stubbornly insist on remaining in the technological Dark Ages…client records are recorded on cards and kept in recipe boxes and appointments are written in an actual appointment book made out of paper and everything. No computer, no computerized client database, no online booking system, no receptionist walking around with a Bluetooth stuck in her ear that makes her look like she’s a crazy person talking to herself. My boss and I are old school technophobes, and we like it that way, thankyouverymuch.

My boss shuns technology. He takes great pride in not having a cel phone, nor an email address. He thinks social media is a complete waste of time and has declared the internet to be a “fad”. I, on the other hand, am a technology fence-straddler and have a love/hate relationship with technology…a perfect example is I own a blackberry and enjoy being able to text, check my email and see who’s following me on Twitter, but I have no idea how to use any apps on it, no idea how to use the speakerphone and no fucking clue where the mute button is (which is a source of massive annoyance because my phone likes to lock itself for no apparent reason and to unlock it you have to press the mute button. Which I can’t do because I still cannot find the fucking mute button after 3 years of blackberry ownership. And have to resort to turning the phone on and off). Also? It took me 2 years to figure out how to clear the cache on my laptop. And I have a couple videos I downloaded and have NO idea where they are (apparently hidden in the bowels of some kind of laptop no-man’s-land, never to be found again). How can someone who spends half their life blogging and searching google for shit like bacon art and nose porn still be so technologically inept that when the laptop tells them to “press any key” they spend 5 minutes searching the keyboard while yelling “Where the hell is the any key?? WHERE?????” It’s a fucking conundrum, I tell you.

Lately I have decided to somewhat embrace technology for work-related stuff. Partly because we now have 2 other co-workers who are young and wise enough to see the value in using social media to market themselves, and since I’m already on Facebook 10 times a day, maintaining a page for the salon seems like a smart move. Our boss, despite his aversion to all things internet, agrees this is a good idea…even though he’s never even looked at the page and has no plans to ever look at it. Which means we could post some pics of him at the staff Xmas party and he’d never know unless one of his clients happened to see it. But then he’d probably take revenge by getting his wife to put the video of certain staff members trying to drunkenly belly-dance on you tube and trust me, NO ONE needs to see that video. And I’m pretty sure drunk belly-dancing videos are not the way to build your client base

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