Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Don't question me, just smell my face

Fact #1 Moisturizer does in fact, expire

Fact #2 Expired moisturizer smells like musty wax

Fact #3 Deciding to use it anyway is not a good idea. Partly because of the smell but also because your face starting to tingle is not a sign  that after 8 years, all the ingredients have grown stronger with age, turning what was once regular moisturizer into some form of SuperMoisturizer and the tingling means it's ultra concentrated and working extra-awesome. Rather, you are likely having an allergic reaction to the rancid cream you just rubbed all over your face because you'd rather believe the opposite of the easiest and most reasonable explanation. Also, you're too damn lazy to wash it off so you go to work with stinky a face that is starting to break out in blotches

Fact #4 Demanding your co-workers smell your face might make them question your sanity

Fact #5 Walking around all day with a smelly, blotchy face due to rancid, expired moisturizer is not the best way to demonstrate that you are a beauty industry professional

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