Sunday 11 December 2011

This ain't my first blog rodeo (blogdeo???)

As I stated in my last post, I am currently the proud owner/writer of 3 blogs. And since I am inherently lazy, I'm really not sure how I plan to keep up with 3 blogs, especially since I have issues maintaining 1 blog at the best of times. But I'm seeing a need for 3 because each one is totally different from the other.

My first blog is on a much smaller blogging platform and the blogging part is mostly an afterthought on that particular site. I've blogged there for about 2 and a half years and what I love about it is 1) the other bloggers and 2) I can get away with blogging about highly inappropriate and often raunchy subject matter that most other sites would be calling out the censor police for. The blogging community there is hella fun for the most part, tight-knit and unique from any other blogsite that I've seen. Also I can say the word "fuck" in it's many forms there all the time and no one complains or gets offended. My blog there is one of the most active, but the audience is more site-specific...and I'd like to start writing for a broader audience. There are lots of things I'd like to write about there, but I tend to keep parts of my everyday personal life private, which make me feel somewhat restricted...hence starting this blog. And no, I'm not naming that shall remain my secret, undercover blog, just because being a mysterious bitch is fun for me and annoying for you. Which is in turn fun for me. So everybody wins. Especially me.

My second blog is not really a blog as much as it is a repository for amusing-to-me pics. A couple years ago I was looking for a pic to accompany a post for blog #1 and found the treasure trove that is Google Images and immediately developed an addiction for weird and often horrifying pics that  make you fall over laughing and/or require liberal doses of eyeball bleach after viewing. For the longest time I filled my hard drive with folder upon folder of the stupidest shit I could find (babies shooting lasers out of their eyes? Bread that looks like a mummified human head?? Vagina shaped couches??? Butthurt report forms???? Oh fair google, where have you BEEN all my life???) until I discovered tumblr, which is messed up pic manna. I joined basically to reblog the most fucked-up photos I could find so all the best ones sit in my blog archive instead of taking up so much space on my laptop and thus saving myself the added paranoia of my son going on my laptop and accidentally clicking on my WTF folder and finding a goatse pic, which would result in years of therapy for both of us. So blog #2 isn't really a blog as a much as a giant pic folder. Also, with few exceptions, everyone on tumblr seems to be either college student, a hipster or a combination of the two and since I am a 40 year old who doesn't have 4 term papers due next week and I hate coffee, cannot intelligently discuss String Theory and am not even sure what the hell emo is (an angry Sesame street character with a pierced lip who cuts their muppety arm and writes angsty poetry from the depths of a garbage can next to Mr Hooper's store would be my guess), I don't really find that site a good fit for me.

So what am I doing here? Good question. I think I'd like to broaden my writing horizons a bit and try out my voice in a broader forum. I still plan to write about whatever pops into my head at any given moment (because the voices in my head are like a dictatorship, those bossy bastards) just maybe in a different way. Perhaps minus the plethora of F-bombs and cakes that look like penises.

Right...who am I trying to kid??

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