Sunday 11 December 2011

Let's get the part about the syrup out of the way, shall we?

I should point out that despite the name, this is not a blog about maple syrup (my apologies to any maple syrup fetishists out know who you are, you sticky perverts). I got to the point in the blog set-up that required naming this blog and my mind went blank. The name of one's blog is supposed to give the reader an idea of what your blog is about...and since this blog is going to me about...uhhh....stuff I'm not entirely sure at this point, outside of it likely ending up whatever my brain farts out at a given time (such as ranting about shit that pisses me off, laments about my son racing towards his teen years, bacon, horrifying things I find on the internet and whatever else the voices insist I write about). But I wasn't too keen on calling it "Stacey's World of Schizophrenic Shit"....content-wise, that could be an apt description but since I'm not schizophrenic (despite the voices), it's not all that accurate. Then I though I could use an old name from one of my other blogs, which I thought was completely hilarious and totally inappropriate (and really not at ALL safe for work) because it had to do with prehensile appendages, but that would definitely have attracted some kind of weird fetish crowd plus I'm pretty sure it violates the TOS. So scratch that.

Then I was getting desperate and annoyed because holy shit, it's a BLOG NAME, not the be-all and end-all defining moment in my life, so just PICK one already. And all I could come up with was Maple Syrup Land. And I don't even like maple syrup that much (unless it's maple syrup-flavoured bacon. And that's more to do with the bacony goodness than the mapley goodness). But I am Canadian and maple syrup is like the official sugar high of Canada. Also I just blogged about maple syrup on my other blog (yes I have 2 blogs. Ok, 3 blogs now. Shut up. I talk a LOT). And I just realized that blogging about maple syrup there and here is making it seem like I'm obsessed with maple syrup. Which I'm really not. However I do believe if we ever get in a war with America one of our best offensive tactics could be putting an embargo on all maple sugar products which would lead to rioting and Americans crying into their dry pancakes...bow down, syrup bitches...your mapley masters demand you supplicate before us (ok, that whole last bit was lifted from my other post...but the the part about supplicating syrup bitches was too good not to reprint)

See what I mean about brain farts? Yeah.

Anyway, Maple Syrup Land it is. I have a feeling I will regret this decision if I start getting emails from gentlemen with helpful suggestions, directions and offers to imbibing syrup of various body parts and orifices. And for the sake of prevention, all answers to those queries would be nofuckingway


  1. Maybe you should collect Mrs. Butterworth's bottles to satiate your obsession with all things maple syrup. :-)

  2. It only SEEMS like I have a syrup obsession...currently my food obsessions are restricted to cake, bacon and BC Burgers from White Spot :D